Monday, November 21, 2011

To review...

It's been a crazy week as always. I don't think craziness every ends, not in the world we live in. The days of embroidering by the fire with nothing but how well it is done on ones mind, as it's portrayed in the Little House books, seem to be gone for everyone. 

Going down the line..

Moose keeps getting in trouble at school. The funny thing is, he doesn't respond like the Beaver. I can't figure it out. For some strange reason when he gets in trouble he doesn't hang his head, doesn't try and avoid eye contact or not ask for anything to keep from drawing attention to himself because he is ashamed of his behavior. No, not my moose. My moose comes out the preschool doors tugging at his backpack straps and broadcasting for the world to hear "I got two warnings....can we play at the park?". I have talked, bribed and this point all I can do is pray and feel sorry for his teacher :(

Zabo is enjoying Cheer more and more every week. She missed two weeks because of that pesky respritory infection, but they got her right back up on the horse, or in this case, the pyramid :) She came home last week just bubbling over shouting "Mommy! I'm two fliers!" In english this means that she has been chosen to be the flyer for two stunts and she's thrilled. Big Daddy sent me a video of her climbing up on two other girls thighs and being lifted in the air. It was cool. She's a natural. All is good in the 7yr olds world. :)

Tabby also had a great week. Mostly this is because her childhood crush/best friend invited her and their other best friend to the movies for his birthday. It was adorable how she asked me cautiously if she could go. They aren't allowed to date until they are 16, she was worried that meant going out with a boy as Of course this is completely not what the rule is in place for. His parents will be taking them, his little sister will be there, it's just a b-day thing. It's just cute that she was worried.

Bubba went to the planetarium with a bunch of girls...which is too funny because we always said he would be the first to have a real girlfriend even though Boyo is mr. personality himself. But that's not what's going on in this case. Bubba is a geek, he went on a geek outing with some girls from the science olympiad group. He didn't really have fun, not that I am surprised. He is a gentle and introspective sort and he spent the day with 3 17-22 yr old opinionated, intelligent, hormonal, young women. Good He said he is never doing it again. I think this is the "Year of life lessons" for Bubba. Especially those concerning females.

Boyo, as I have written before, lost a friend and team mate this week. He was a sweet young man with a fabulous smile and big dreams. He had an enlarged heart..I don't think they knew about it. He played football and basketball. He and Boyo have been friends since 3rd grade. The young man passed away in his sleep after playing one last game of football with friends and having a good conversation with his brother over the phone. Tragic that he is gone so young, but we are so grateful that his parents and friends do not have a worse tragedy of knowing he took his own life or lost it to a foolish decision like drugs or the like. Still, there are no words...only prayer.

That leaves just me and Big Daddy. We do have an older daughter. She is amazing, intelligent, married and VERY far away. i miss her daily and pray for her often. We chat here and there, stay connected on face book. I got to actually hear her wonderful voice for a whole hour last week! It's the longest conversation in over a year and the only one since May. She seems to be doing well and I am proud of all God has done in her life.

So, today was the first "interfaith" funeral I have ever attended. Wow...nuff said.

How was your week? :)

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