Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holy High Winds Batman!

Some days I look outside and I am just homesick. the winds, the warmth (it's like 60 out there!) the slow steady drizzle all remind me of SanFrancisco. I miss it terribly some days. Those days are usually when the heat index spikes over 90 or the wind chill drops the temp below 30...I may be an extreme personality, but I am totally NOT into extreme weather. These days though, these "mist moisty mornings" are the ones that really get my heartache going. So this is my tribute to home post. I loved you in my youth. I miss the culture, the natural beauty, the public transportation!

So much has changed about you, yet so much is exactly the same as I remember it...Golden Gate Park where I spent most of my adolescence, wandering, dreaming, breathing in the fresh air that makes a young mind feel like ANYTHING is possible

Stow Lake where Big daddy and I spent most of our first year of "dating" just wandering the paths around the hill, feeding the ducks and geese, relaxing at the marble gazebo...

The veiw up from my apartment in Noe Valley; Diamond Heights and Day St. Hill

My School

My Library

My church

SanFrancisco, My home town

What's your home town like?

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