Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense

My son lost a friend and teammate today, 16 1/2 yrs old. A few years ago my oldest daughter lost one of her best friends 17yrs old. When I was 15 I lost a dear friend and high school crush he was 16. A dear friend lost their son to a 24hr sickness when he was just 15. It just doesn't make sense...Death so young.

Tragedy happens to's awful, it's frightening, we, as parents, do all we can to protect our small ones from the evil, sickness and malice of the world; those things and people that would steal their bright smiles from our lives...but then they grow up.

When they are teenagers we stop worrying quite so much, we have to. We stop protecting quite so much, they need their Independence. We become their coaches, their safety net as they learn to leap and to fly on their own. We're not their parachute anymore, we can't hold them close, keep an eye on them every minute, shield them from it all...and horribly, tragically, senselessly some are lost.

How do we cope? How do we comfort? I still don't know. I try and listen, i weep with them, how could I not, they are my treasured heart breaks when their heart breaks. My broken heart won't heal them I pray. I hold them close, I hug them tight and I pray...

"Dearest Father, I know it's not senseless, but it feels like it. I know there's a reason, a purpose here, though I cannot fathom it. I don't get it, but I trust You. Here Lord, hold my child. You gave him to me to protect and care for, but nothing I am is enough to heal this pain, nothing I am will comfort his wounded heart. Only You know the answers, only You can give him peace. I lift Him to you, along with his friends who are all suffering for this loss of precious potential. A million smiles never seen, a million experiences never shared, a million tears are falling Lord, a thousand children crying, hold them Lord. Give us Your words to comfort, Your Spirit to bless, Your hope to move on when it is time. I love You, my son loves You, You love us and have given so much to be close to us, let that love become a circle of healing, and let it begin dear Father here, with my son." Amen

We will miss you young man

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  1. This is his mother. That is beautiful in so many tears, thank you