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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by on your way to where ever you were going and yes, I know it's spelled wrong...it's kinda the point ;-)

This blog is about the life and madness of a random artist, housewife and mother who is striving daily to put at least a little consistency in an otherwise chaotic existence. Here you'll find fun family ideas, simple menu's and recipes, honest thoughts on my fears, my faith and my family. Playlists, words of encouragement and inspirational stories, notes or poems to help you get through the week and a bit of simply random insanity.

Who am I?

My name is  Winter Adams. I am a mother of 6 amazing human beings, ages 5-21. Happy wife and soul mate of 24 years to one Big Daddy (love you Big Daddy!!). Co-Founder of N'Deep Ministries, a production ministry that focuses on spreading the gospel through the performing arts and helping to build the faith of those in the Christian arts community. Part time Sunday school teacher and youth leader. Nuetral good, tree hugging hippie and sometimes socialist. Actress, artist, play-wright. Born in Massachusettes, raised in SanFrancisco transplanted to N.W. Indiana and still glowing, going and growing strong (well, hello Dolly!) In love with  good music, good food, good conversation and my awesome friends and family from all walks of life.

What can you expect?

Music, Madness and Me! Mondays
I love Mondays. They are the beginning of the week and new beginnings are ALWAYS a good thing! On Mondays I'll share my  top ten playlist for the week, my personal top ten things to do this week and a picture of myself with a 10 word or less positive affirmation :-) Be sure to share your "top 10's" so we can encourage each other throughout the week!

Things I love Tuesday

What inspires you? Sometimes I will see something or read something or just imagine something that just blows my mind. this will be my opportunity to share with you what really moves me and hopefully for you to share what moves you as well!

What's in the fridge Wednesday

  big Daddy is always telling me I need to talk about the "method" of meal planning I use...lol I literally go around the kitchen, check out what I have a build a menu from there. Here you'll find easy and creative ideas to spark your own menu planning as well as some of my favorite recipes!

OVER the hump day (extra Wednesday post)

5 things to get you (and me) OVER the hump.

Thank You God, Thursday

   Where I am on my journey to connect with and understand the absolute Divine Being. What scriptures, prayers,  quotes or inspirations have encouraged me in my walk with God this week.


   Family Friendly Fun ideas for the weekend including activities, crafts and movie suggestions based on our very own "Kid of the Week" system.

Not Scared of you Saturday

  The truth about my journey towards health and overcoming my fear of cancer. Since losing nearly half of the women in my immediate family to one form of cancer or another I have been scared spitless of my now 50% chance of being diagnosed with this dreadful disease. I've watched the most beautiful and strong willed of personal heroines become frail and weak at the hands of this cruel master. I have hid from doctors, ignored my health and tried to shut away my fear for far too long saying that if I'm going to die anyway I might as well not try so hard to live. It's time to bring it into the light and chose courage.

Sex and Sensuality (a Monthly Saturday extra)

  No this is not the forlorn fantasy writing of a bored suburban housewife. On the contrary, I am passionate about breaking the myths that surround "moral sexuality".  Being a woman is a fabulous experience. We are strong, beautiful and powerful without even trying. Our sexuality is a part of us that is typically exploited and down cast but we don't have to accept that. Here you will find my thoughts on what is romantic, what is sensual and what is food for our strong yet tender hearts. Moral sexuality doesn't have to be boring, prudish or binding...when you skip the dogma and see the truth you find it's freedom, joy and guiltless pleasure.

The Sounds of Silence Sunday

  A pictures worth a thousand words. I'll provide the picture...you provide the words.

I hope that when you read this blog you find a connection, a comradrie, a realism that encourages you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'm always up for a good conversation! :-)

Be well and blessed
~ Winter

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