Monday, November 14, 2011

Loving my Moose

So here and there I mention, post pictures of or grumble about my Moose; the youngest of my brood. He's an awesome kid. He's a ton of fun wrapped up in a bundle of charisma that just doesn't stop until he drops, exhausted, at bed time. This is a little bit of his story

Moose was born in December of '06, I think. it's hard to keep them all straight :) He was the epitome of "Surprise!" So much so that for 9 months I did not speak to Big Daddy except to say things like "Procrastination is of the devil." and "I want french fries.". We had decided to make a firm commitment not to have any more children after Tabby. She was a miracle child after all..well, technically, since the Dr.'s told me when I was 16 I would never carry a baby to term, they all were. But that's not Moose's story. sheesh, see how easily I am distracted! Here's another picture of the little nose miner to get us back on track...

So he was born, Dec 30th. Do you know how many insane people (most of which did NOT have children) who asked me if I wanted to "hold it in" and WAIT one more day so I could have a new years eve baby? What are we thinking here? I wasn't even too interested in being prego in the first place, why would I want to purposely prolong it? No, I wanted to have the pregnancy part over and done with. You see, I knew that, no matter how much I didn't want to be pregnant and I wasn't ready for another child that, once I held that little guy in my arms none of that would matter anymore. I was right. How could anyone look at that cherubic face and not fall instantly in love?

Moose was huge, 9lb. 10oz. There are moms reading this right now going "OOOOUUCH!" No biggie. He was my 3rd 9 1/2 pounder. The other three were mercifully all 6 1/2. Go figure. He came out squallin and wriggling, hungry and sleepy all at once. I'm the paranoid type. I will shuffle myself down to the nursery if it takes more than 20 min to get my little one a bath. I have sat there holding other people's newborns, rocking them and singing to them whilst the nurses rush around trying to handle the flow of traffic. I don't mind. They are all just as close as one can get to the Father at that time. On this particular occasion though Big Daddy was there to play watch dog for me. After that first bath the little one didn't leave my side (and hasn't for nearly 5 yrs!)

Why Moose? Well because he was the biggest thing in the nursery. After 3 smaller babies, he looked enormous. When he was delivered even my Doc was surprised at how big he was. The nurse said something about him being a big boy and Big Daddy said "That's not a baby it's a moose!" to make me laugh. Later that day Big daddy left to check on the other kids. When he came back, after searching for just the right thing for his new son; he is such a proud Papa, he had a little light blue stuffed Moose. How in heavens name the man found a moose at the gift shop I will never know. But he was thrilled to death to be able to bring it up with the balloons and the flowers.

Yeah, he still has the moose. :) Moose stuck. I wish I had baby pictures, toddler pictures etc, but they were all eaten by a nasty virus on our last computer. Even with all of Big Daddy's expertise he wasn't able to save them for me. He was valiant.

It's pretty hard to find these single pictures of the little guy actually. Once he came home from the hospital he found his soul mate; Zabo

Since the day I brought him home they have been inseperable. They have their moments when they aren't too fond of each other, but the bond stays true.

You can ask either one at any time where the other is, and they always know. They are each others favorite playmate.

Until the beginning of this last school year they slept in the same bed. Moose has his own space now, but most mornings I find him stumbling, grumbling and rubbing the sleepies from his eyes on his way out of her room. Evidence that, at sometime in the middle of the night, he moved in and usurped half the pillow, again :)

Moose has enough energy to power a small country. He is always running, jumping, "yawping" at the top of his lungs and generally driving everyone crazy, even the one other child I have given birth to that rivals his natural adreniline level; Boyo

Moose does have a serious side. Mostly when he is trying to be like his daddy. :) He tries to be "grown up" and tell all the girls in his life what to do. To be fair, we are the ones closest to him, but it makes Big Daddy seem a little

Moose has a crush...well, two of them really. the first is Taylor Swift, whom he is sure that when he grows up he is going to find where she lives so he can go and kiss her. Would sound creepy if not coming from an adorable 5 yr old who also writes her origonal love songs...

The other crush is a sweet girl in Boyo and Bubba's youth group at church. She is so sweet to him. Whenever he sees her he compliments her on her shoes, her nail polish, her hair (Big Daddy has taught him the art of the "shmooze" rather well ;)

There are those times where this HIGH energy bundle o' boy does get on our nerves, but usually when that happens he smiles, runs around like a clown on a severe sugar high and generally becomes an exploded version of his usual nutsoid self...and we all smile...laugh along...and forget why we were so frustrated with him to begin with. After all, who could hold a grudge against the Moose?

Here's a bonus for you..since you made it this far on my "Ode to a Moose"..A dear friend introduced Moose to this song. He sings it on his own and it's the most adorable thing on the planet..."Doesn't really mean to make a mess you see, he's a chocolate Moose, sweet as he can be." :)

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