Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm so behind...lol

Here's the afore mentioned recap...Last week was awesome and simple.  There was the awesome Community Center dinner...such fun, warms the heart. We had 2 days of school then 5 days together with the kids. Fabulous!

The Old Firehouse Community Center is a wonderful ministry started by a terrific couple, I believe, in the early 90's maybe the late 80's even.

They teach Martial Arts to kids from all over for just the most nominal fee, wrap and donate hundreds of presents to community families in need, Gather and donate school supply stuffed back packs every year, host free computer classes and Bible studies AND they put on this awesome to do every year. (the pictures are all of their graduated Black Belts)

It's a time for those who have to come and share and those who don't to come and get what they need. It's family, It's fun, it's being real with each other and the community. It's awesome :) (Our fabulous Pastor getting his grub on :)

Our Family time was spent decorating the tree and just hanging out. I loved it. My kids are such awesome company!
Moose was really groovin on the finished product here...lol
Boyo was, of course, responsible for the lights :)

All of the kids get in on the fun. 

Even our resident "Humbug" 
(every family has one.
 When I was growing up it was my Moms Brother,
Uncle John)
Got into the spirit and had some fun :)

This is one of those times where, even my shy Tabby Cat,
 Hammed it up for the camera

I even shared camera power with the less fortunate here and there.
A TRULY selfless and charitable act ;)
(These are better than the ones Big Daddy took
when I bent over to get the bottom of the tree decorated..UG!
My hind quarters strongly resemble those of a horse! lol)

Big Daddy didn't get to decorate with us..He was exhausted.
The whole Black Friday thing puts a bee in my bonnet,
so I won't get into it.
Suffice to say, he works retail (only another 5 weeks!)
Poor guy :(

Sunday we had our Thanks Giving Dinner then rehearsed for the Christmas Play. I need to take food pics..I know, everyone seems to love food pics. But I only have my little Rumor camera phone...I do what I can ;)
D.J. Nick Tunez,  J.O. (Jesus Only) Hoffman and Big Daddy share the spotlight equally throughout the play. We have so much fun it's hard to catch a look at everyone being serious .

Right now we rehearse here at the house. It just makes sense, up until this week we were just doing script familiarization. Now we are ready to block though...YAY!!!

This week we will be rehearsing at the church so we get all of the entrances exits and whatnot down. It's gonna be awesome. SOOOO excited about this one :)

Truth be told, I am always excited. The honor of being able to perform the beautiful message of the Gospel of Christ in a form that is relevant for today and filled with hope...it's...wow..it's just amazing! I could not be more blessed by this calling.  I'm so grateful. I'm also grateful that God has instilled my 3 oldest kids with a love for theater and acting. They have been a wonderful part of the production ministry Big Daddy and I run.

There's the promised recap. This week proves to be more challenging already; Big Daddy starts the new job today and still has 5 weeks left of the old one. So it's double duty for him, 6 days a week until just after Christmas (Brave, valiant man that he is!), Boyo and Bubba got their new school schedules, (all a mess of course) this week and that has to be fixed. Tabby and Zabo still have chess, choir, cheer and who knows what else will come up for them...Parent conferences for Moose (so much fun) But in all the hustle and the bustle one thing stays central to all we do, and may it be so for everyone this season;

Be well and blessed my friends :)

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