Sunday, October 23, 2011

This week in review

Ok, so it's been one of those weeks where I just didn't have tons of time to write. I wanted to..I needed to..I even attempted to...but I just was unable. ...sigh. Sick little ones, Boyo had a bruised shin bone from last weeks games, PTA and other volunteer obligations, the missing shed wall...the list goes on and on. In the midst of all of this I have been trying hard to keep to my menu and cook from scratch as much as possible. I don't even remember what each day brought, but this is the basic rundown...

Sunday we had kids church at home because all three little ones were sick. We learned "The Lords Prayer" made prayer pretzels and a prayer puzzle and rocked out to Carmans rendition thereof   pretty cool actually.

Monday Zabo was still sick. That was the "making kids feel guilty" post. The part that sucked the worst was when 6pm rolled around and she pushed herself to get up and jump around trying to prove to Big Daddy that she was well enough to go to cheer leading. It was cute but sad. Of course he said no. No school, no after school activities, that's our rule.

Boyo stayed home Monday as well, having been in the ER Sunday night because of his shin. They said he bruised the bone and to see his Doc. Boyo is a high energy, comically antagonistic, 6'/190lb, 16 yr old. He has the charisma to get comments like "Pleasure to have in class" from his teachers even when he is failing that same class. When he is home from school and he isn't "sick" he spends his day driving me insane. Especially since we have a "no video games or computer" rule when they are home sick (thanks to my oldest, Rana, who played me all through high school like a Stradivarius!).

Tuesday it was Moose's turn to stay home. He woke with a fever and coughing, runny nose, the whole works. I have to say this is the only thing I hate about Fall. ug! Everyone gets sick at the beginning. He is another high energy kid so him staying home sick isn't a walk in the park. He gets these bouts of manic type energy when he is sick, has weird reactions to most medicines (he's even allergic to most immunizations!) and can become aggressive. It's nothing dangerous....but I do end up having him run laps around the house (inside) to burn off some of that energy so he doesn't hurt someone.

Wednesday Boyo stayed home again. All of the walking up and down the stairs at school Tuesday did him in. Big Daddy works at 4am so there is no car to take them to school in in the morning, and it's a mile walk there and back again. He didn't get the chance to drive me crazy that day though because it was the Pre-Schools trip to the art center. 20-4yr olds and 10 parents. Why did we feel so outnumbered?

 Wednesday night was that crazy wind storm that, they said, whipped up 25' waves on lake Michigan! 25'?  On the lake? That reminds me of

Thursday everyone went to school, everyone had a great day.  When everyone got home we found out that we were missing a tree limb and a shed wall. Tabby also had a fall concert at 4pm and Big Daddy was supposed to finish 4 chapters of Federal Tax homework before his study group on Friday. Suuuure.

Hmm...Friday? I don't remember much. Big Daddy did homework. Oh, he and Boyo tried to fix the shed and they were doing great until the saw died. We didn't exactly have a funeral for it, Big Daddy opted for recycling it as a shot put :)

Bubba called at 5pm to tell us that he had let a neighbor girl take his box o' fundraiser chocolate to one of her classes to "help" him sell some and now it was missing $20. Sooo...we went to her house to discuss the situation and came to the understanding that if Bubba doesn't somehow miraculously "find" the money by Monday when it is due they will both have to put in $10 of their own money because they were both responsible for the box and the money throughout the day. Bubba learned a valuable life lesson; don't trust girls. Poor guy.

Saturday we cleaned up the outside of the house. Morning Glory vines came down off the front of the house.
All of the deadwood etc... got cut up and sorted (after it was made into a fort of course)

AND we scored a 52" TV for free from a friend of a friend who upgraded to all HD and just doesn't need his old TV anymore. Yes, thank you! Boyo kept asking "When are we picking that up?" and reminding us that he was more than willing to babysit so that we could do just

Today is Sunday again, and while I was hoping to have a bonfire tonight, i have 4 kids home from church today. Big Daddy and Boyo have inexplicable immune systems and rarely, if ever, get sick. So I'm off to get kids church at home set up again.......sigh

Kinda drained, kinda tired...but overall, it's a beautiful day, the kids are all safe, there's food in the cupboard....I don't really have anything to complain about. God is faithful and we are so grateful for His presence which brings peace into our lives. Life is good even when the circumstances aren't.  And so I leave you this week with peace, be well friends. :)

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