Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homecoming video

Everyone is still talking about the whole homecoming week. It WAS pretty cool. Some of the better points are noted here:

1. Not one young person ended up in detention or in school suspension the whole week at the high school. The threat of missing the pep rally was enough to keep them all on their toes. Too bad we don't have something equally awesome to hold over their pubescent heads (and attitudes!) the rest of the year. It still remains though that it was a peaceful week at the high school.

2. Schools that have a hard time remembering to check the "All School" schedule when planning things like Parent/Teacher conference nights and back to school nights so that those of us with multiple children who attend multiple schools don't end up looking like bad parents because we didn't attend YOUR PTA meeting or what have you, ACTUALLY worked together to pull off a multi-school parade, tailgate party and game that went without a hitch. It was so awesome. I love that feeling of community you get when everyone works together.

3. Our lovely homecoming queen, Clara, was elected for her sparkling sweet presonality. This is awesome because, in addition to being an absolute doll, she is disabled. She was neither accepted or rejected by her peers based on that fact. She won because she deserved to and it is just the coolest thing ever in my opinion. Bubba is (very mildly) disabled. He has struggled with bullys and just not fitting in his whole school career. The high school has such a great social thing going on though, this has been his best year ever. He feels like a human being, not a condition, not a labeled misfit. No one wants to win because of pitty any more than they want to lose because of prejudice. Clara did neither. She won because; as my boys have said a million times this last week, "She's so cute!  She's so sweet and nice to everybody. She deserves to win." So proud of them. So proud of the student body...just so proud :)

One sad thing that came about this last week; I found out that this will be the last year that our high school will have a drumline. This is sad because they have been awesome for the last 4 years. They have performed at games, rallys and even gone to the elementary schools to inspire our littler ones. I personally LOVE drumlines; it's an art of precision, like the Lord of the Dance stuff. They all have to be in perfect rythum all the time. If one slips up the whole thing is like a train wreck. These kids have worked hard and have amazing talent. I wish there was a sponsor at the high school who was willing to take on the challenge of hosting these kids next year, but there isn't. Everyone is, and honestly so, too busy to devote the kind of time commitment this type of art requires.

One of Boyo's friends put this together. He is an amatuer film maker and I am pretty impressed by him overall. This is part one of the pep rally video he did (there are 3 parts). The drumline can be seen at the 8 minute mark.

I hope you enjoy this little look into our hometown. :)

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