Saturday, October 15, 2011


Let's Go Governors! Let's Go!

It was an awesome day for homecoming. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot. The clouds were out, but it didn't rain. The wind rose and fell like the tides on the seas, but never enough to be dangerous or even terribly inconvenient. Overall, for those of us who have our homecoming at the end of the regular season rather than at the beginning, it was a fabulous day for homecoming.

The Football program has spent the entire season honoring our servicemen (and women) and our veterans. At each home game, before the game begins those willing to be recognized are called by name and greeted with standing applause. 10% of the home game ticket sales goes to help veterans causes. It's been really awesome to watch as men and women from every branch, from the Korean war to the war in Iraq, stand at the 50 yrd line and get some recognition and respect for what they've sacrificed.

 Our head coach is the genius behind this years worthy theme and we support it 100% So much so that the classes each picked a branch of the service to represent with their floats in the parade this year.

Freshman had the Navy

Sophomores had the Army

Juniors had the Marines and Seniors the Air force

The community Schools get together every year to make the homecoming parade something that everyone can enjoy. 3 elementary schools, the middle and high schools all have participants. There's an elementary cheer squad

 a patrol squad

 and various PTA's & PTSA's

  The middle school adds their Football team, the future Gov's to the entertainment

 and the high school, the star of the show, brings the marching band,

dance and cheer leading teams

plus the various clubs and homecoming hopefuls

(You cannot see the whole thing but her dress was the prettiest I have ever seen)

(Our Homecoming Queen, Clara)

(Moose said this one was his cute!)

And of course, The Football Team

(MY football player, Boyo)

After the parade the Middle School hosts a "tailgating Party" in it's courtyard. BBQ hot dogs, chips and bottled water for $3.00, can't beat that! And the fellowship with the families of the community, our educators and administrators is absolutely priceless. No one's complaining about this or that teacher. No one's fighting. It's all friendly and fun.

Yes Zabo, Cheerleaders have to eat too :)

No Bubba, you are NOT too old for me to be taking your picture :)

Big Daddy, please take off those glasses. You look like a David Lee Roth wannabe!

(David Lee Roth...see what I mean..sheesh!)

the rest of the night was spent at the game with friends. There were 12 or 15 of us total. I lost count when we dropped off one of the neighborhood kids but picked up another...IDK it is what it is. The Governor Wagon (our van, otherwise named Hugo) seems to be more of a kid transportation system than our personal vehicle.

Yes, I know it looks like it belongs in a McDonald's commercial. It's not Yellow on the bottom anymore. the black primer makes a world of difference. Soon it will be red and dark grey...we will, after all, have kids at the high school for the next 12 years...dear God, have mercy on our souls. We just haven't gotten that far on the overall overhaul :)

After a long night and a lot of laughs, hot dogs, candy, glow sticks, shouting and touchdowns, we came home to hot chocolate and warm blankets...

And one very tired Linebacker (He'll get me for this

Thanks for taking the ride with us. Here's hoping your Autumn has begun as well as ours has and to many more victories in the post season for our boys!


  1. Love . . . . Your town looks like my hometown . . . what's the population??

  2. The map says 80,809, but I have to admit to being stunned by that number. I didn't think we were that big. It doesn't feel that way and i suppose that is a good thing :)