Friday, October 21, 2011

No wonder I couldn't sleep

Night before last, while I was grumbling against my beloved Bear for continually barking, the high winds not only knocked a good sized branch off my tree and set it down just 2 feet from my bedroom window, but it also took the entire back wall off of my attached shed. I guess he had a good reason for barking.

To give you an idea...each of those fence lengths is 5 feet wide. I didn't really think it was going to be as heavy as it was, expecting that it was dead inside or something like that, since it DID get ripped off the tree. No, it's perfectly healthy and heavy enough that my back hurts quite a bit today from moving it across the yard and trying to maneuver it somehow so that it doesn't look like a random tree limb littering my yard. I failed by the way. It is quite conspicuous.

We heard some banging but thought it was out shed door, it's lock doesn't work well in high winds, we already knew this. But that would be too easy. It seems that the small part of the siding on our shed where a mulberry tree had decided to grow right up from under our cement slab was bent up just enough for the wind to sweep under it and rip all of the siding off. It was short work from there for all of the rain to tear apart the (very old) plywood wall. Being that it is a part of my house I cannot see from any of the back windows, and that I didn't look because it was COLD and wet yesterday, no one noticed it until Zabo came in from school saying "Mom, we have a problem!" what an awesome way for a 7 yr old to  I have to admit that my first thought was that someone stole her new XOXO eraser or that one of the buttons on her coat had come off.  I suppose i should have given more credence to her dire pronunciation.

Those are phone lines hanging there. fortunately we do not have a "land line" so we didn't lose service or anything. We rid ourselves of that about a year ago because something was always going wrong with the service and since we all have cel phones (the two grown ups and the Big Boys) we just don't see a need for one.

So you can guess what our day today is going to be like. Fortunately it is not raining and windy today as it has been. I am very grateful for that fact. I am also grateful that, although that large tree branch fell so close to our window, it did absolutely no damage, somehow missed the power lines that run from the poll to just above our bedroom window and landed "safely". God is good. That's the only way I can explain such things.

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