Friday, September 5, 2014

Insanity Squared 9-5

Good morning campers and how are we doing today? Happy it's Friday? I know I am!!
Life likes to hand us all those little ups and downs. The twists and dips that make it so completely unpredictable that we finally throw up our hands and say 

For us here at the Adams household, it has been no different!

Catching up from last week....
We had back to school night at the small one's school and it was great! The PTA did a terrific job, the new principal is awesome....overall, it was a good time, which is saying something because usually it is a "try not to tear my hair out as I pen Moose in for 30 minutes while they talk about things he neither cares about nor understands and the microphone doesn't work so I can't hear them anyway but I need to listen because we may have to vote on something important" time. Their teachers are awesome. The PTA is up and running and best of all, Big Daddy got A LOT of interested Fathers at the "All Pro Dad" table! One even wants to co-lead! (Yay!!!) 
If you've never heard of "All Pro Dad" it's a terrific program to help open lines of communication between fathers and their children, at all age levels, that focuses on life lessons, fun and positive reinforcement. It's really wonderful! Big Daddy has been involved with them for about 7 years now and those Dad's (Uncles, Granddads, step Dads and even single Moms!) who come LOVE the program. If you don't know, check it out!

Moving on....

Saturday was RACE DAY!!

 It was our first 5K and we absolutely loved it! I am WAY slower than Big Daddy, but that's OK. He loves me enough to go at my pace, which I appreciate because I didn't bring my headphones ;7)        I had been sick for a full two weeks before race day and the air quality here has been really poor lately because of the heat and low clouds so I was huffing and puffing before half a mile, however, we made decent time. 17 minute miles on average with a finish time of 53 minutes. biggest goal was to not be the last one over the finish line and I hit that squared! (In case of a zombie apocalypse you don't have to be fastest, just faster than the slowest person :)        Big Daddy is now completely addicted and wanted to try and get another one in before November when we go pick up our Boyo from Basic. That is not going to happen, but only because other crazy things have happened this week, like him getting his identity stolen and the thief emptying our bank account. (yes, I'm serious....this is our lives folks...a constantly swirling vortex of WTF...*where's the food?*) Anyway, here are some pictures from the day.

The kids all came with us. They had bounce houses, water games, tons of street food and vendors, face name it, it was there. Just a fabulous, small town street fair! Gawd how I miss those! Everything now a days is about lights and rides and lines and loudness! This was so fun and relaxed. The kids had a great time. the atmosphere of the racers and the vendors who supported us was so encouraging that Bubba wants to do the next one with us. I'm excited about that! And Zabo, who has done a 5K before, can't wait for the Girls on the Run program to start at school so she can start training for her next one :)

Next up was Zabo's "American Ninja Warrior" Party. Which was fabulous!!

We did 6 different obstacles in the back yard, red white and blue themed EVERYTHING and only healthy foods (Except for the cupcakes...because there HAS to be cake at a birthday party.)

The kids went through the course at least 6 times. They stopped for water breaks, came to the front porch for turkey and veggie wraps, fruit kabbobs and koolaid then went right back to the obstacle course! Most important, Zabo had a blast!

The rest of this week has been something of a blur. I miss our Boyo SO much. It's been hard to hold back the tears lately. I have another 2 whole months before I see him and it's so hard. I cannot imagine the sadness that family's of deployed soldiers face. I am so grateful for those people, the ones who serve and the ones who support them. Choosing to be a soldier is choosing a hard life. I pray for all of our Soldiers and their families for peace in their souls, strength in their hearts and protection surrounding them always. If you get the chance, send a Soldier a card, a note, something to let them know they are important to us here at home and hug their Momma for them....she might just need it, really bad.

That's about it for me. The Bubba is working hard at rehearsals with his show being the second week in October. Tabby is full on into the middle school social arena (blech!) and is doing just fine. The small ones are enjoying school so far and loving the warm weather to play in when they get home. I'm steady working to be stronger and healthier for the next race, a Turkey Trot that hopefully both of my strong young men will be running with me this time! And Big Daddy is keeping his cool in the face of more than his fair share of trials. Life goes on. The world turns. God is on the throne. The sun continues to rise and we will always have victory because of Him who set it in motion from the beginning. 

Be well my friends. Enjoy your weekend. Hug your kids. Thank a soldier. Have some fun!!!

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