Friday, August 29, 2014

Insanity Squared 8-29

So here's the deal: I have learned a lot over the past few years of blogging like a space cadet and I have come to the conclusion that, if I let it, blogging itself can be a good grounding resource for me. And boy, do I need grounding! So, here it is, Friday = Adams Family update day. (I will do my best to add pictures)

It's been an absolutely crazy week here at the Adams House, not that it is ever a calm, relaxing, chaos free week at the Adams house, but hey, it's a conversation starter :)

School started for us 2 weeks ago and it has been a rockin' and a rolin' ever since.

Starting with our oldest, Laurana (why am I the only one who calls her Laurana? it's such a beautiful name!) She has been working her behind off out there in the pacific northwest training for a half marathon. Her progress was awesome. Her determination, inspirational, her injury from over-use, painful! She had to take a step back and go a little easier on herself. She is an awesome health coach so she knows exactly what she has to do to get to her goal safely and I know she will do it. Her own DH (Darling Husband) is VERY supportive and they have been steadily changing their lifestyle together to create healthier, happier married people.

She is also my health coach and though that is no easy task, her perseverance has really inspired me. I still need a "buddy". I have one on one side of the country and one on the other, but none here in the middle. Such is the story of my life. I will find someone though, it will happen. In the mean time she has helped me to lose 10lbs in 2 months and I am jogging/walking in my first 5K tomorrow morning :) Big Daddy has been uber supportive, taking me to the gym and buying me little "prizes" when I stick to my struthers and "Just Do It!". He even, of his own accord, signed up to do the 5K with me! Talk about a great guy!

 I have also signed on to be an assistant coach for my Zabo's Girls on the Run team and will be her running buddy at her 5K in November (Yay us!). Moose will be joining us by default. He has no place else to go after school and enough energy to take more than a few laps around the gym!

Zabo has also had a milestone birthday this week; she turned 10 **Screams in maternal anguish!**
She is so smart and beautiful and creative. I am just amazed by the small human she has become. Her teacher absolutely adors her courage and opinionated nature. She says Zabo is engaging and confident in class and is her discussion starter during "Book Circles" pretty much every time. (You go girl!). We couldn't be more proud of who she is and that she's ours :) Another wonderful thing happed to Zabo; she has come to a personal knowledge of Jesus. Not that she "accepted" Jesus or said some parrot prayer in church. Rather, she came to me a couple weeks ago to tell me that now, when she prays or thinks about God, when she is singing in church or listening to the message, she feels God there. in her words "He moved me". Yay God!!

She has also become completely enamored of "American ninja Warrior" and has a "date" with Boyo to participate in one when she turns 21 (which is in 11 years, of course). She loves it so much she is actually having an "American Ninja Warriior" themed birthday party with a cool (but much safer) obstacle course in the back yard, healthy snacks and cupcakes decorated with the American flag :)

Moose is uber excited to be back in school. He has been somewhat bored with the routines of Summer. Not that we didn't do anything this year, but even the busyness of doing stuff every day has become mundane to him. He is a real challenge to keep occupied and engaged, but when you get it, man is he a lot of fun!! He has become an absolutely gifted toad hunter this Summer finding them everywhere and bringing them to his bat-cave to play with. He does not harm them....I promise. He just scares the snot out of them trying to get them to "play" on the miriad obstacle courses he has created in the front yard for them. He's still energetic, happy, intense, creative, thoughtful, out of the box 7yr old BOY. And we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Bubba is in his Senior year this! I've had it with the growing up thing! He looks almost identical to Big Daddy when he was that age. He's strong, handsome, funny, sarcastic, talented...I could go on and on. He has a beautiful girlfriend he is madly in love with and cannot wait to show off at prom. He just got a part in the fall play for the APA (Academy for Performing Arts) in which he has to kiss his best friend, which neither he or she likes at all. He is being courted by a million colleges and is actually looking into schools as far away as New York or Florida! I told him that Florida has alligators and New York has muggers...Indiana just has corn. No one has ever been injured in a random corn attack. Just sayin'.
 I don't know what I would do without him here. I know he will have to leave. Bubba is so very special. He has that look of something just waiting to happen. He was made for bigness. But he is also a rock I have been able to lean on in times of struggle. He doesn't do anything, he is just there, and being there has mattered so much to me these past few years. He has become a good man and I am going to miss him when he goes into the world to become the good man God has called him to be.

Tabby is almost 14....14! Why? She's stunningly beautiful, crazy smart, annoyingly sarcastic....she's one of us :) Things got a little dicey for her last year in school, but this year it seems to be better. You know how Junior High is....catty, mean, frustrating, emotionally Maybe that was just me. Anyway, she is getting along better with her peers and has started intentionally trying to get over her social anxiety (which she did not suffer from before Junior High...just sayin'). She tried out for the volley ball team. She didn't make it, but trying out was such a success! I'm really proud of her.

Big daddy is off and running as the school year begins. He and I both have PTA and other commitments. He is the elementary school chess coach and the head of the All Pro Dad program at the school. I am looking forward to getting back into popcorn days and Girls on the Run as well as volunteering with the APA (if they let's a strange group of hens in that coop!). Also our performance season will begin in 2 weeks! I am SO excited about this season. We learned a lot last season, have worked with some really talented kids and cannot wait to see who and what God brings together this year! Our first production will be, as always on October 31st and it is looking good so far :) Dance, human videos, hip hop, much fun! I think we have purchased every form of glow anything that there is to buy! Yep...I'm excited...

Boyo joined the military. He is now an Indiana National Guardsman. He is currently at Basic Training and it's killing us all! He has been gone for 5 weeks...5! and we miss him every day. I write to him at least 3 times a week. tabby does as well. The small ones send him pictures, Bubba sends him updates on whether he can sleep in the room without him there or not....we all just miss him. For his part, he writes to us regularly, he is bored stiff, misses home and skittles, has developed a serious hate for sand and has learned to really value jello as a "treat" because it's the only one they get. He gets lonely at night. He feels so different, being a Christian in the military. He says that some of the guys are starting to read the Bible because they are bored and homesick, but it's not the same as having Brothers and Sisters around you, supporting you, hanging out together just being yourselves. More than anything, he can't wait till he comes home. Neither can we.

So that's well and blessed friends. And make sure, as the days get busy and the nights get shorter that you take time to hug those amazing people in your life that you KNOW would be so much less spectacular without...yep...I'm talking about your kids, your husband, your best friends, your brothers and sisters...and don't forget....The family pet :)

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