Monday, February 20, 2012

It's not about me

Thank I realized that as the holidays ended I really just stopped posting about my amazing kids. Therefore I declare today Mommy At least for this week. I'm terrible with structure.

This last week and the two weeks before it have been hectic for all the kids. School is in full swing after the break and everyone has high expectations.

Boyo is still doing Speech (Hooray!!) I'm really proud of him for going out for something that requires his brain rather than his brawn. He hasn't won yet and is actually doing horribly. He has been in last or close to last place at every meet. BUT he keeps trying. He goes to the coaching sessions, reviews his feedback and tries to adjust. I'm really proud of his stick to it attitude!

Bubba is waffling about the Academy for Performing arts. His drama teacher doesn't think he should be there because he isn't serious enough. He is learning piano as well and that takes up allot of his extra time. He also wants to get back to the trumpet. The hard part is that if he does one he won't have time for the other. Science Olympiad takes up a TON of his time daily, plus the boy maintains a high B average. I'm in awe. I'm not sure what he will decide at this point but we are behind what he wants to do 100%. Bubba is one of those kids you just know has gone over all the options in his head and made a "wise" decision. I do like to throw an out of the box type of monkey wrench in there now and then, to remind him that the world isn't all neatly packaged and well ordered, but overall, he has learned to handle even that well.

Tabby is into girl scouts...praise all that is holy! I'm so happy to see her involved in something that totally lacks that competitive spirit that every other activity she's into has. She needs a place to be her crazy tweeny self and not feel less than because she isn't #1. She is, unfortunately, like me; she HAS to be #1 because #2 means something is wrong. Yeah...stupid mentality...but it's the way we are.

Zabo has a crush. Really? She's 7!! But yes, she has a crush. She has told said crush about her crush, then reneged because she is absolutely NOT allowed to look at boys as anything other than minor annoyances until she's 30. Still, she has a crush. Lord....HELP!

Moose is in desperate need of 2 things. 1. a volume control knob. 2. attitude adjustment dials. Why aren't kids made with these things?  He has been getting in trouble every day at school. Even when I was there last week, sitting with him, at his table, going over his work with him, he still acted like a pain in the butt. He is cranky. He is rude. He is loud. Mostly he gets in trouble for refusing to do his work and for trying to distract other kids with faces and goofy activities. Yep...he's an Adams. UG! I changed his diet a bit, and that helped at I'm adding morning yoga to the attitude adjustment plan in hopes that getting some energy out, learning to focus and balance will help him in school. With my luck it will just be the topic of the next note home, "Mrs. Adams, Moose was doing yoga in class today. I know that doesn't seem like an issue but he wouldn't stop "Downward Dog" ing until I picked him up and planted him in his seat. Please deal with this."

Such fun at the Adams household. lol

Overall everyone is well and doing well. (except Moose, of course, but he IS only 5) I hope your family is doing well too :)

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