Sunday, February 12, 2012

Empty buckets, broken vessels, clay pots

Some thoughts from today's sermon 

From the book of John ~ in reference to the story of the Samaritan 

woman at Jacobs Well

This love that we have from God should leave us with an "If, then" 

perspective. If we have received forgiveness then we should 

forgive. If we have received knowledge of Christ and His 

goodness then we should share that knowledge with others. If we 

have received unconditional, unprejudiced love from our Father 

we should also give unconditional, unprejudiced love to one 

another. How can we say that we love whom we have not seen 

and then not choose to love those we do see who are hurting, 

broken and lost?

The bucket that the Samaritan woman carried embodied the 

extent of her understanding, the sum of her "religious experience" 

of God.It held nothing of value and even though she came with it 

empty, she could not bring herself to draw with it on behalf of 

another because of what religion and prejudice had taught her. 

Jesus didn't leave her in that position though and from her 

experience with Him, the living Christ, she walked away from her 

empty bucket and went to tell her whole village of the One she 

had met who changed her life. 

When we're all worried about what everyone else is doing and 

how their behavior is effecting the world we're missing what God 

wants to do for the world through our right standing with Him. 

When we are in right standing, then we can hear His will for us 

in this lost world. When we are in right standing, having forgiven 

our enemies and released our prejudice and our predisposed 

judgments, then and only then can we be filled and empowered to 

obedience. THEN we can be a vessel that God can use to spread 

truth, peace, hope and love. Without that crucial step, looking to 

our own salvation, the cleanness of our own hearts, we are just 

cracked and broken vessels that may eventually be tossed in the 

fires that the very world we judge so harshly is burning in.

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