Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday? Really...?

It's hard to believe that it is Tuesday..and by that I mean ONLY Tuesday. Ahh well..such is life...

The last week was a crazy one. We went back and forth with; Am I working? Am I not working? Am I working from home? Can I work from home? How much goo gone does it take to get that stuff off the wall? What is that stuff anyway?

Actually only the work questions were real...last week anyway. We have been having trouble with the entire Adams household turning upside down and someone...usually Moose but Bear has had his fair share of it too...getting injured whenever I GO into work. I am Big daddy's secretary. I make phone calls, set appointments, reschedule appointments for people he wasn't able to see because the car broke an axle, screw his head on straight at the beginning (and end) of each day and pray...allot. It's not a terribly demanding job, as I have said before...unless I am getting cryptic FB messages like "He burnt his hands, what do I do?" or "I think the dog has a concussion...what do I do." (Yes, these are REAL messages I have gotten when I am at work....sigh....)

Besides the work dilemma there was a MASS miscommunication issue with the major performers for our Diverse City exhibition. Someone (A Bubba who shall remain nameless for reasons of protection) overheard a conversation I was having with our Pastor about the date...turned around and..trying to be helpful, told the Dance teacher of the group who was supposed to come dance that the date for the exhibition had changed, then turned around and, after he was yelled at for "helping", told her the right date, but the wrong time...it was a mess. In the end, they pulled out. As did our Spanish guitarist. The guitarist was no big deal. 10 minutes...I can make up for 10 minutes. The dancers however were 30. In a show that is 1hr and 15 minutes it is nearly impossible to suddenly recover from a sudden loss of 40 minutes of performance time. So I canceled.

On the positive side...It was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL here the last week.

We took walks (2.5 miles to BK and NO ONE complained!)

, climbed trees,

Hung out in the yard

 had dinner outside

And basically behaved in true, randomly insane Adams fashion

Just fantabulous weather. It makes us all want to DO something.

That brings me to the fourth and final thing that happened last week; we, as a family (well the 4 older members anyway) decided to do the 2013 Mid-West Tough Mudder.

This I am excited about! It's a 10-12 mile run with a bunch of military style obstacles through it that you have to get over as a team. It's dangerous, it's dirty, it's tough as heck...it's totally my kind of challenge :)

 On top of that they raise money for the "wounded Warrior" project. An awesome cause that is just totally on track with who we are as a family (ie. VERY patriotic).

We chose the 2013 rather than the 2012 event because Big daddy and I are not remotely ready. There's allot of work that will have to be done to strengthen our bodies, especially our cardiovascular and musculature systems. We are mush balls...we admit it :)

Anyway...that's my week in review...how was yours?

(Is it really Tuesday? sigh)

Friday, March 2, 2012

How the days fly by

My oldest son will be 17 on Sunday...17!! Big daddy asked me if I was feeling old...not really. I rarely have moments in life where I feel over 17 myself. I do, however, feel deficient. I feel like he isn't ready to be 17. I feel like I have missed so much that I should have taught him by now. I know I did my best, that doesn't mean it was enough though.

He is an amazing human being, don't get me wrong. He's not a ne'r-do-well or anything. He doesn't do drugs or drink. He doesn't date because 1. He doesn't have a job and I've made it clear I am not paying for him to take some little heifer...young lady, excuse me...out on a date. If he wants to date he can work. That's just how I feel. I always told my oldest daughter not to date a guy who was always broke and left her to pay for everything. There's no shame in being poor...but guys need to be able to stand on their own, not schlep off a woman. That's just how I feel about it.

The other reason he doesn't date is that he is really picky. He is looking for a young woman who shares his faith and has the kind of energy and zest for life he does but also can be soft and loves to cuddle...yeah, she's gonna be a tough one to find..lol I believe she's out there though, so I encourage him to wait and tell him how proud of him I am for keeping his standards.

Boyo doesn't really give me any reasons to worry about him other than the fact that he IS going to be 17 on Sunday. He has an amazing personality. He is charming and smart. He is fun to be with and I will honestly say that he is becoming a terrific guy. I just want so much for him. I want him to be the kind of man I would trust my daughters heart, spiritual leadership and future to. I don't see that yet....but then again...he will only be 17 this Sunday.

So, my son, my very own "Peter Pan", I want to know that I love you so very much and I am PROUD of all that I see God doing in your life. You are an amazing human being and I'm grateful that you are MY son. Thank you for allowing me to continue to be a part of your life. Thank you for including me in your thoughts and sharing your dreams with me. Thank you for being my Boyo.

If I could share one thing with you for this coming year in your life it would be this: God is the animation behind all creation. Without Him we are the walking dead my son. He is what gives the motion of our lives purpose. seek Him Boyo...reach for Him, honor Him and He will open your mind and your heart to things that you could not have even dreamed of, they are that wonderful. You may be the dancer in this song of your lifetime my precious son but He is Lord of the dance.