Monday, April 16, 2012

If you give a Moose a cupcake...

Moose has been having some behavioral issues. They were pretty serious. I was frustrated, his teachers were frustrated...Moose was was all just very frustrating. Sooooo...we worked on some things, observed and adjusted and implemented a reward system. That system works pretty darn well. It consists of Moose having to not get in trouble at school x amount of days in a row so that he can obtain his prize. The prize is something he wants. The last one was a Jar-Jar Binks pen from the cheerios box. Simple, yet effective.

Today was a special day. It was the first day back after spring break. A whole 10 day break in his routine had come to a close and I was worried that he needed a little extra incentive to "Be good!" in school today. So I bribed him. Yes...I did. It's not a regular thing. His rewards are hard to get and we do not bend. If he was good for 2 days and then got just 1 warning on the reward. He has to start counting over again. Today, all he had to do was not get in trouble at all and he was able to get a treat. I did not specify what the treat was...but I did specify it was a sweet treat and not a toy treat.

He was BURSTING with excitement when he got home. He had not gotten any warnings! He was good and didn't talk and did his work. Even his teacher said he had a great day. Yay! Woo Hoo! Good going Moose!

"What's my treat?"

Here's where it gets cute/funny

You can have this; one very rich, VERY chocolaty triple chocolate gourmet cupcake :)

"Can I have it NOW?"

No have to take a nap first. After nap you can have your cupcake.

He looks at the cupcake...looks at me...

and makes a BEE-Line for the bedroom. It was 10:30
 "I'm tired now mom" He calls behind him. 

The next hour and a half before the real nap time consisted of MANY "practice naps" as I dubbed them where he went to bed for 3-5 minutes then ran out saying, "I slept, I can have my cupcake now.". 

Too cute.

He did eventually get his cupcake. 

He was happy to pose for the "after" portion of this post :)

So, the moral of this story is...

If you give a Moose a Cupcake he will probably be hyper for a few hours...but the hugs are very worth it!

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