Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Letters

Do you do Christmas family letters? Are they funny, interesting, serious? Is there one person in your circle who's letter you look forward to getting every year?

For us it was my Uncle Charlie's "Dear diverse Kith and Kin" letter. I think it was the thing mentioned the most at his wake, how much we would all miss his yearly missives.

I have written a Christmas letter or two..but they never go out..I'm a flake.

This year, my cousin Bob (Hi Bob!) inspired a simple yet way longer than I anticipated Christmas letter. I have to have Big Daddy read it for approval (and editing because I ALWAYS make silly mistakes) and then, since I already have the Christmas cards AND this years Christmas ornament (I make a themed one every year) I think I might actually get them all out...and maybe even BEFORE Christmas. Go me! lol


  1. Yes, go you. I'm hit or miss. This year, I'm hitting, but it will be late. I feel the need to update my dad's extended family on his health and progress and a Christmas letter seems to be the perfect venue. I write a newspaper column.

  2. It does seem the time to share those kinds of updates as well as terrific things like your daughter being a state champ :) I'm a total space cadet when it comes to correspondance, usually waiting until someone writes to me to respond and often losing the response before I get it to the mail box. But my family is wonderfully loyal, thank God, and keep insisting that theu love me anyway :)