Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday

Hey there y'all!

It's been insanely crazy around here lately...between recovery and summer stuff and house repair...whew! It's been....well....normal!

Football has started again. And I am back to work 2-3 days a week. Over all there are just lot's of changes going on and it's all difficult to adjust to. I know I NEED to blog. i just haven't been able to eek our any kind of creative continuum in my life. This WILL change.

For the time being I am letting myself off the hook though.

I'm going to get back to blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That should give me the breathing room to be able to get back to being myself without feeling stressed out because I have to be me...yeah...I shouldn't be stressful to be myself...but , you know, you try

On a VERY good note. I'm doing well with controlling my diet. I have lost a pound every week since my heart attack without exercise (yes, I know I need to be exercising...I'm getting there...sheesh...) and I'm really proud of that. Today Bubba and I begin a form of power yoga that involves swords. (We ARE the Adams family!) and I've been trying to get out and walk somewhere each day.

So for today I will say I miss everyone terribly. I haven't had time to read or catch up with any ones blog. I'm totally out of the loop. I will remedy that ASAP :)

Be well my friends.

The Music

 I have an electrician coming in 45 minutes to shut off the power and rewire the house (happy dance) So this weeks playlist is a little rough.  This weeks music is just what moves me...literally. I can't hardly stay in my seat when I hear these songs. I hope they get your blood pumping as well :)

Dhoom Again ~ Dhoom movie soundtrack

Funky Jesus Music ~ Toby Mac

Move ~ Flame Ft. Forever

On The Floor ~ Jennifer Lopez live

Blow ~ Kesha

Keys to the Kingdom ~ Group 1 Crew

One World ~ Toby Mac (for Zabo)
No So Average ~ V. Rose

Turn it Around ~ Israel Houghton and New Breed

Aa Tayar Hoja ~ Asoka Movie Soundtrack

The Madness's there...I just don't have a handle on it enough to be able to tell you what it is this week. I'll know by Wednesday! :)

Me :)

big Daddy, Laurana and myself in 1993.

In honor of my Baby Girl's 21st Birthday

I love you baby!!!

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  1. Where are you? Come back to blogland. We miss you.